I was needed for notification when one of my logs is changing.
I didn't find any script or program that doing it, so i write my own program.

File Monitor is the small application which help you monitor after file or directory on you server
and send you notification by mail if there any change on them

Pre install

please verify you have "mutt" installed on your machine
mutt is the mail application that File Monitor use to send emails to you
if not, run "yum install mutt" for Red Hat distribute or "apt-get install mutt" for dubain distribute .

after untar the file:
'tar -zxvf fileMonitor.tar.gz'
go to the untared folder: cd /fileMonitor
run "./" to complete the installation.

After installation
to start fileMonitor first you have to edit "vi /etc/fileMonitor/fileMonitor.conf" file
you have some parameters to change:
1. which file or directory you want to monitor
2. how many time you want to white between checking
3. what you want to do when your target been changed - check "ls /ect/fileMonitor/scripts"
4. what is your mail who receiver the notification

to start fileMonitor run "/etc/init.d/fileMonitor start"
to stop fileMonitor run "/etc/init.d/fileMonitor stop"
or if you want to restart the aplication run "/etc/init.d/fileMonitor restart"

Save File: filemonitor.tar.gz

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